Did you know?

The Board of Directors consists of seven members selected for two year terms representing various groups of subdivisions.


Did you know?

The master Board meets quarterly, the dates and times for are posted on the home page.  The agenda for the meetings is posted a few days beforehand. Previous meeting minutes are posted below.

We invite you to become involved in your community by attending your sub-division homeowner's association meetings and events.


The schedule for the 2018 SilverLakes Board of Directors  Meetings is on the HOME page.

Meetings are held at:
West Broward Hall
927 NW 178th Avenue
Pembroke Pines
Meetings begin at 7:00PM


West Broward Hall is located at the south end of the SilverLakes Community PArk.

Unapproved  2018 Meeting Minutes: 


Approved  2018 Meeting Minutes: 

January 22, 2018                        Download Voting Minutes

January 22, 2018                       Download BOD Minutes

March 19, 2018                           Download BOD Minutes

May 7, 2018                           Download BOD Minutes

July 16, 2018 Agenda

July 16,  2018                       Download BOD Minutes

Approved  2017 Meeting Minutes: 

January 23, 2017                         Download Voting Minutes

January 23, 2017                       Download BOD Minutes

March 20, 2017                           Download BOD Minutes

May 15, 2017               Download BOD Minutes

June  12, 2017                         Download BOD Minutes

August 29 2017                         Download Special BOD Minutes

September 27, 2017                   Download BOD Minutes

October 23, 2017                   Download BOD Minutes

November 6, 2017        Download Voting Minutes



Approved  2016 Meeting Minutes: 

January 25, 2016                          Download Voting Minutes

January 25, 2016                     Download BOD Minutes

March 14 2016                           Download BOD Minutes

May  16, 2016                              Download BOD Minutes

July 18, 2016                                Download BOD Minutes

September 19, 2016                   Download BOD Minutes

October 17, 2016                   Download BOD Minutes

December 19, 2016                   Download BOD Minutes


Approved  2015 Meeting Minutes: 

January 6, 2015                  Download Voting Minutes

January 6, 2015               Download BOD Minutes

March 16, 2015             Download BOD Minutes

May 18, 2015                  Download Voting Minutes

July 6, 2015                 Download BOD Minutes

September 21, 2015                    Download BOD Minutes

October 19, 2015                    Download BOD Minutes


Approved 2014 Meeting Minutes: 

January 27, 2014                        Download Voting Minutes

January 27, 2014                 Download BOD Minutes

March 24, 2014                           Download BOD Minutes

April 28, 2014                        Download BOD Minutes

May 12, 2104                      Download BOD Minutes

July 21, 2014                        Download BOD Minutes

September 15, 2014                   Download BOD Minutes

October 20, 2014                          Download BOD Minutes


Approved 2013 Meeting Minutes:

January 21, 2013:                       Download BOD Minutes

January 21, 2013:                        Download Voting Minutes

                                                 April 8, 2013:                                Download BOD Minutes

May 20, 2013:                               Download BOD Minutes

July 15, 2013:                               Download BOD Minutes

September 3, 2013 :                  Download BOD Minutes

September 16, 2013 :                  Download BOD Minutes

October 28, 2013 :                 Download BOD Minutes


Approved 2012 Meeting Minutes:

January 24, 2012
       Download Minutes

February 23, 2012
       Download Minutes

March 20, 2012
       Download Minutes

May 22nd/June 5th, 2012
       Download Minutes

July 17th, 2012
       Download Minutes

August 30th, 2012
       Download Minutes

September 11th, 2012
       Download Minutes

October 23rd, 2012
       Download Minutes

November 13th, 2012
       Download Minutes

December 10th, 2012
       Download Minutes



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The Annual Meeting was held on January 6, 2015

Quorum was represented in person by the president or representative of the following communities, representing 1,152 residents of the 30% or 693 needed.

 Treasure Sound       The Isles    Treasure Shores   The Enclave

Crystal Shores          Emerald Sound      Crystal Bay     Coconut Sound

Sunset Pointe   Emerald Springs     Pelican Isles

 SilverLakes Board of Directors:

President: Steve Goldman             

Email: president@silverlakes.net

Vice President: Daron Fitch

Treasurer: Vicki Minnaugh

Secretary: Colleen Cheney

Director: Ray Whittier

Director: Rick Collum

Director: Monte Face

Email the SilverLakes Board of Directors:  slbod@silverlakes.net


Each member of the Board represents one group of communities within Silver Lakes. Check below to find out who represents your community on the Board of Directors.

Vicki Minnaugh - Treasurer

Group 1

Sunset Isle     Malibu Pointe     Treasure Sound     The Isles     Treasure Shores

 Treasure Cay     The Enclave


Steve Goldman - President

Group 2

Coconut Key     Brittany Bay     Las Brisas     Bermuda Village     Misty Bay     Brittany


Ray Whittier - Director

Group 3

Crystal Shores     Emerald Sound     Crystal Bay     Coconut Sound    

Sunset Pointe     Emerald Springs


Colleen Cheney- Secretary

Group 4

Coconut Reef     Coconut Cove     Misty Harbor     Coconut Bay    

Tiffany Cove      Sapphire Shores


Monte Face- Director

Group 5

Marina Isle     Pelican Isle     Marina Sound     Pelican Sound     Pelican Cove 

   Crystal Sound     Marina Pointe


Daron Fitch - Vice President

Group 6

Pelican Cay     Sapphire Sound     Sapphire Park     Coconut Shores    

Sapphire Pointe     Grande Cay     Sapphire Bay