Bermuda Village


Brittany Bay

Coconut Bay

Coconut Cove

Coconut Key

Coconut Reef

Coconut Shores

Coconut Sound

Crystal Bay

Crystal Shores

Crystal Sound

Emerald Sound

Emerald Springs

The Enclave

Grande Cay

The Isles

Las Brisas

Malibu Pointe

Marina Isle

Marina Pointe

Marina Sound

Misty Bay

Misty Harbor

Pelican Cay

Pelican Cove

Pelican Isle

Pelican Sound

Sapphire Bay

Sapphire Park

Sapphire Pointe

Sapphire Shores

Sapphire Sound

Sunset Isles

Sunset Pointe

Tiffany Cove

Treasure Cay

Treasure Shores

Treasure Sound


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SilverLakes & Pines Property Management

With 39 communities, Silver Lakes is an expansive set of homes. To ensure the area is always looking its best, Pines Property Management has split SilverLakes into divisions which they manage. Read below to find out who is your property manager.

For information on the Board of Directors and who your designated Director is, Click Here.


Catherine Cano

954-438-6570 ext. 212

Communities Catherine Manages:

   Malibu Pointe     The Enclave    Crystal Shores     Crystal Sound     Coconut Sound

    Sapphire Pointe       Pelican Cove      Marina Isles

  Pelican Isles     Pelican Sound      Marina Sound     


Annu Balkissoonsing

954-438-6570 ext. 223

Communities Annu Manages:

Sunset Isles     Las Brisas       Misty Bay     Emerald Sound    

Coconut Cove     Misty Harbor    Coconut Reef      Emerald Springs

Coconut Bay    Pelican Cay     Marina Pointe


Amanda Perez

954-438-6570 ext. 210

Communities Amanda Manages:

Coconut Key      Treasure Sound     The Isles       Treasure Shores     

Bermuda Village    Treasure Cay    Crystal Bay    Sunset Pointe

Sapphire Sound      Sapphire Park    Grande Cay



Jessica Mesa

954-438-6570 ext. 208

Communities Jessica Manages:

Brittany     Brittany Bay       Tiffany Cove      Coconut Shores

 Sapphire Bay     Sapphire Shores


Robert Moses

954-438-6570 ext. 220

Robert is the supervisor of the Property Managers